Welcome to My Website

Welcome to my website. I’m glad you’ve come to visit a while.

I’m a writer. Although I came to it late, writing is now intertwined in much of my life.

My perspective is that of a certain age. And my characters – particularly Anne O’Malley – reflect that. Contrary to what seems to be popular belief, romance, intrigue, suspense, adventure, and love are not the purview of those under 30, or 40, or 50. In fact, I like to think that the older we get, the better we get at it all, the more we savor life. Anne O’Malley is testament to that belief. And hopefully, this website will be an inspirational and entertaining space for all of you who agree with me as well as those of you I hope to convince.

But back to writing. Unable to let go of Anne O’Malley at the end of Quest for the Ivory Caribou, I’ve now written five novels (so far) about her. Quest for the Ivory Caribou, is available at Amazon and at Barnes and Noble.

In Quest for the Ivory Caribou, 60-year-old Anne is depressed by her recent widowhood after a long happy marriage. Her friend Carola convinces her to go to Ottawa, Canada, to do genealogical research to solve a mystery on which she and her husband had been working. There, she finds that she’s related, through marriage, to people in Ungavaq, an Inuit village in northern Quebec. She decides to go there to find what it means for her. And as a result, what she thought was going to be a quiet slide into old age turns out to be something completely different.

The other four books are in various stages moving toward publication. Twenty-Six Eskimo Words will be available soon. You can read Chapter one here. After that, watch for Labyrinth of Love, Till Death Us Do Part, and Checkmate.

In addition to the series about Anne O’Malley, I write book reviews. I was the reviewer for 14 years for the San Diego Horticultural Society’s Let’s Talk Plants. Now I review for The Mensa Bulletin, a national magazine. I’ll post reviews of the books I think are interesting on the blog page.

I’ve written two popular history books, American Trivia and American Trivia Quiz Book with my writing partner, Dr. Richard Lederer. A daily newspaper column based on those books ran for four years in the San Diego Union-Tribune.

I edit Richard’s other books as well as books for friends, although I don’t edit professionally because of time constraints. Before Covid, I taught writing with one class and one private student a week.

In my free time – and when I am not immersed in an adventure with Anne and Jack – I garden, cook, read, and love spending time with my daughter and grandchildren.

So, set a spell and explore the site. I think you may have some fun.