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Quest for the Ivory Caribou

Robby was the love of her life. Twenty-two years older, he was her mentor, her protector, and the source of a family mystery she had been helping him solve. Then he died. And with him went her lust for life. Now Anne wants to solve that mystery as one last gift for Robby before she joins him. But life is full of surprises. In Ottawa, French Canadian researcher René does more than help Anne with her work – he awakens feelings she thought gone. When the clues they find lead Anne north to the land of the Inuit, she finds not just the answer she seeks but the embrace of a family, the will to move forward, and unexpected love.

Suddenly, I felt odd. I stared at Jack’s Inuit face and those incongruous eyes, and for a moment, I couldn’t tell if I’d imagined them. He’d been looking at my face as I had looked at his, and he seemed to recognize something too.

Join Anne as she travels from San Diego to far northern Ungavaq, and then into the past – to World War I Germany – as she realizes she must face the same decision her husband’s father did: to live life to the fullest or give up.

The Ivory Caribou. For scale, it’s 1 3/8 inches to the top of the antlers.

A story of courage and rebirth, of love lost and found, and of the power of family, Quest for the Ivory Caribou reminds readers that it is in the confluence of past and present that we often find the most meaning in our lives.

Twenty-six Eskimo Words

She loathes him

He wants her

What happens when hate turns to respect

And desire turns to love

When newlyweds Anne and Jack O’Malley are asked to complete an archeological survey begun by a man who has disappeared, their goal is simple. They hope to unearth a find of international importance that will keep the US government from opening the North Slope of Alaska for oil exploration and drilling. What they don’t count on is the two oil company liaisons, Hal and Serbin, who are tasked with ensuring that such a find never happens. When it does, Anne and Jack find themselves fighting for their lives.

From the summer beauty of the North Slope to the harsh snows of Quebec’s frozen tundra, from Prudhoe Bay to the Inuit village in Canada where Jack was raised, Jack and Anne are the prey of two killers. Each must fight to stay alive while working to save the other.

Hal paused. “A kiss is too personal, isn’t it? I won’t force that on you . . . Ah, Anne, how I wish things were different.” Again, he hesitated. Then his expression changed. “Well, things aren’t different. They’re what they are.

Steeped in reality, TWENTY-SIX ESKIMO WORDS is a compelling adventure that tests the bonds of love and the nature of forgiveness. It provides insight into the will to survive as well as into the many shades of gray in which we live our lives.

This second book in the Anne O’Malley series is one you won’t want to miss!

New Release

Let Me Count the Ways.

Anne O’Malley’s greatest regret is that she never had a child.

Now she has a chance to adopt five-year-old Victor…

But only at the cost of risking her life.

When Hal, her kidnapper, contacts her from prison asking that she raise his five-year-old son, she and her husband, Jack, agree. They are ready to welcome a child, but are they ready for the ties to the Mexican underworld that come along with the adoption?

In Let Me Count the Ways, author Caroline McCullagh yet again provides her readers with a page-turner as she takes them with Anne behind the scenes of two warring Mexican cartels. Will Anne, Jack, and Victor be pawns in a much larger battle?

We waited . . .
My stomach knotted, and the palms of my clenched hands perspired. I didn’t think I could be tenser . . . until I heard a sound, and the door opposite the one we’d entered opened.
Two guards ushered Hal in.
After several moments, he took a deep breath. “I didn’t expect to see you. They told me my attorney was here.” . . .
I had difficulty looking at him. I didn’t know what I felt. I wasn’t sure what I ought to feel. I did know one thing. Here he was in chains; three men sat with me; the guards were just outside . . . and I was still afraid of him.

Once again, Anne’s courage is put to the test as she is forced to reunite with Hal, the man who was ready to kill her, to save her husband and their grandson. Along the way, she and Jack redefine the boundaries of love and family.

Coming soon!

Book 4: Till Death Us Do Part

Book 5: Checkmate

Book 6: Monday’s Child


What were the names of Christopher Columbus’s three ships on his first voyage to the New World?

The Niña, Pinta and Santa María, the last of which Columbus captained. Columbus commanded 17 ships on his second voyage. He made a total of four voyages.

During his voyages between 1492 and 1504, was Christopher Columbus afraid of falling off the edge of the flat earth?

No. Astronomers as far back as the ancient Greeks knew that the Earth was round. Pythagoras was the first.

When did Christopher Columbus know for sure that he had reached the New World?

Columbus thought he had found a western route to India. He died in 1506 never realizing he had come to the New World.

The name America was derived from the name of Italian explorer Amerigo Vespucci. What is the English equivalent of Amerigo?

Amerigo is the Italian form of the Medieval Latin name Emericus, which in turn issues from the German Heimirich — Henry in English.

Who was the first explorer of European descent to set foot in North America?

In A.D. 1000, almost 500 years before the first voyage of Christopher Columbus in 1492, Viking Leif Ericson became the first European to land in the New World, in Newfoundland, Canada.

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